circuits Frequently

.General Info.

How do I order?

Contact me via email, and I'll send over an invoice via Paypal or Venmo.

What is the lead time for a preamp?

Each product is built to order, by one guy. Please email for current lead times..

What is your warranty?

Two years parts/labor. Tubes warrantied for 90 days. As for workmanship, I stand behind it for life. If there's ever a problem, you won't be left hanging.

Do you offer artist discounts?

All of my customers are artists, and I price things as low as possible while sustaining my efforts.

What does your name mean?

It's taken from the fictitious New England town featured in H.P. Lovecraft's stories.

Do you have any videos or soundclips available?

Arkham Sound on YouTube

Do you still offer NOS tubes?

I sometimes have a small quantity in stock. Please email for details.

.Technical Topics.

Any changes in tone with the new Oracle?

No, I've only changed the PSU topology to run off 9VDC. With some modern alchemy, it is multiplied up to the same 300V as before.

Are there any tonal differences between the Oracle and Zephyr?

No, they share the same core circuit.

Are NOS tubes worth the extra cost? Do they sound better?

Changes in tone are very subtle and 100% subjective. I do like old production for their durability.

How do you test your tubes?

Mutual Conductance, shorts, emission, and life tests are done on either a Military TV-7D/U or a B&K 747b. Tubes are then screened for noise and microphonics.

How does the "James" tonestack work?

Please see The James Tonestack for more info.

I noticed your preamps used to have two tubes, now they have one. What's the difference?

I now use Mosfets as an output buffer rather than a tube Cathode Follower. In this application they are far more efficient, functionally identical, and have zero impact on the tone.

Your preamps have 300VDC voltage inside, is it dangerous to change the tube?

When powered off, the high voltage drains away within a minute. There is no danger changing the tube provided the unit is unplugged and time is allowed for the PSU to drain. If you have any misgivings, please refer to a qualified tech. I prefer to offer warnings rather than encouraging customers to poke around inside.